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XTM Cloud

Why is XTM Cloud different?

XTM Cloud is a translation tool for a new age of translators and LSP's - an online CAT tool to rival desktop solutions. XTM Cloud enables freelancers to use cutting edge translation technology at a competitive price. It scales perfectly allowing teams to work together and build a powerful workflow. With translation workflow management, easy to use CAT tools and best in class file filters, XTM Cloud is a true independent alternative to other available products.



Highly efficient, real-time collaboration


  • Centralized content: Translators, reviewers and editors are able to work on the same content at the same time, dramatically improving production times.  
  • Highly leveraged linguistic assets: Translation memory and terminology are held in the cloud and are shared between your translators in real time. The TM is saved as the translators work and matches are then propagated throughout the project.
  • Automated workflows:  Workflows are customizable, and fully automated. Users are automatically notified by email of new tasks. When one step is complete, the workflow moves on to the next step, and the relevant user notified. You don’t have to waste time co-ordinating projects.
  • Designed for collaboration: Large projects are easily divided between translators, who work together, sharing resources between each other dynamically. Projects are managed within XTM, with tasks such as adding users and altering workflow achieved in minutes. Upload and download your TM or Terminology files with ease.
  • Client access: Your clients can be granted access to create projects, check progress and download translated documents. They can also take part in the workflow and carry out quality checks.
  • Machine translation integration:  XTM is fully integrated with Google Machine translation and Asia Online, a machine translation system capable of near-human quality translations, in over 500 language pairs. Incorporating MT into your production processes can vastly cut translation times.


Built from the ground up, with simplicity in mind


  • A Single Solution: XTM provides a fully featured CAT tool and Translation Management System within a single package simplifying the translation process.
  • Simple, intuitive interface: XTM has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and requires no lengthy training to be able to use it properly.
  • Best-in-class file filters: XTM provides support for all common file types. Upload your source files and XTM automatically analyses and matches the file ready for translation.
  • Open Standards: With the use of open standards throughout XTM, there is no vendor lock-in trap. At any time you can import and export your data for use with other packages.


Complete Translation Management Solution


  • Security: The security and confidentiality of your translation assets is an issue we take seriously. Your projects are hosted securely and privately on our system and will not be shared with anyone else. XTM has passed stringent security audits.
  • Real time metrics: With real-time metrics, project managers can stay on top of progress, gaining an accurate snapshot of the project at the click of a button.
  • Highly flexible and configurable workflow: The translation workflow in XTM has almost total flexibility. The workflow can also be automated, so no time is lost between stages of the translation process, and new users can be added and working within minutes.
  • Subcontracting: XTM allows project managers to subcontract work to agencies. They can then confidentially allocate their translators to do the work. As all assets stay on the main system, everyone has an up to date view of the progress of the project.


Very short Implementation timescale


  • Highly affordable, no hardware costs: There are no large upfront costs with XTM. You pay monthly on a subscription basis, with support included. There is no expensive hardware to buy and maintain, as we host the entire system on our servers. A 10% discount applies to 12-month subscriptions, with prices starting from as little as £8/month.
  • Browser-based SaaS: with XTM Cloud there is no desktop software to install and upgrade. You simply login using your web browser. Upgrades are automatically implemented by us, usually every 3 months.
  • Support: Support is fully included in your monthly subscription. Our support hours are 0800-2300 CET.
  • Training and Resources: We run free live online training sessions several times a week. There are also training videos on our website.
  • Scalability: XTM was designed to be completely scalable, from single user, to systems with hundreds of user, collaborating on vast projects.
  • Open APIs: XTM can be fully integrated with your existing CMS or other systems.



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